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Look beyond the MBA – Build your career in Clinical Research (Part 1)

May 9, 2017, mmsu_admin

Introduction This article is the first half of a 2 part series, where we take a look at how students in India would benefit by looking beyond the conventionally accepted career options in the country, by exploring the world of

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Why Medical Writers Have High Job Satisfaction!

April 27, 2017, mmsu_admin

Medical Writing – An Introduction Medical writing is a highly skilled profession with employment opportunities available with companies predominantly in the health sciences industry, such as pharmaceutical companies, clinical research organizations, medical device companies, government sector organizations, hospitals and many

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New Career Opportunities in India – The World of Clinical Research

April 16, 2017, mmsu_admin

Clinical Research Industry in India The overall pharmaceutical market in the world is worth hundreds of billions of dollars with countries such as the US along with countries in Western Europe dominating most of it. However, over the past few

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Become a Certified Clinical Programmer – Take charge of your career today!

April 12, 2017, mmsu_admin

Clinical Data Management Clinical Data Management (CDM) refers to the field of operations surrounding collection, validation, structuring and reporting the vast data sets generated during Clinical Trials, when, therapeutics under testing, are administered to patients enrolled under the trial. The

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History of Clinical Research – Learn More!

March 23, 2017, mmsu_admin

For those of you who are interested in delving deeper into this subject and understand how the field of Clinical Research evolved and which were the significant milestones during its fascinating growth, there are plenty of good reading materials out

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Make your career in Medical Writing

March 9, 2017, mmsu_admin

Take the first step towards a high growth and deeply fulfilling professional journey! Macro-economic Trends There are several career options available to youngsters today. India has witnessed a dramatic economic boom over the past couple of decades, built on the

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Clinical Research Industry Stakeholders – Numbers at a glance

February 6, 2017, mmsu_admin

Employment opportunities for professionals in the Clinical Research industry at an all time high! The Clinical Research industry serves an unparalleled purpose in the drug development process and has been trustworthy partners to pharmaceutical companies globally in their pursuits for

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Clinical Research Industry in India – Overview

January 17, 2017, mmsu_admin

Clinical Research Industry in India – Overview The global market for Clinical Trials is 64 billion USD. India’s share is estimated at 15% of the global market, which translates to approximately 9.6 billion USD. The market is growing at an

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