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Career in Clinical Data Management Part 2

In the part 1 of the blog, we have highlighted the various jobs and responsibilities of the Clinical Data Management professional and the different skills required to make a career in this industry.

In this part 2 of the discussion, we will throw more light on the career playbook of the clinical data management candidate. Before we get into the details of the job profile and the prerequisites, we need to look at the various categories of companies in this industry who are at the forefront of clinical data management and should be in the potential employer list of every candidate pursuing a career in CDM.

1) Data Management CROs – With over 50 data management CROs in India today, there is a ample opportunities to work with companies like Quintiles, Paraxel, GVK Bio and many others.

2) IT companies in the Healthcare domain – Of late there has been an increasing trend of traditional IT companies entering into the CDM domain through their healthcare domain. Candidates can aspire to work with any of the IT majors like CTS, Wipro, Accenture and others.

3) Pharmaceutical Companies – Almost all the major pharmaceutical companies have a division of clinical data management even though many of the CDM work remains outsourced to CRO and CDM companies.

4) End to End CRO – Companies who are working directly with the pharmaceutical companies have CDM as an important function of the entire clinical research activity chain. The CROs providing end to end services give a leverage to explore various career options within the company and greater exposure to various elements of Clinical trials and related activities.

Once the candidate has identified the potential companies and the job opportunities within the company, there are few entry level positions for CDM professionals. It is important for a candidate to understand the job profile and customize his skill sets to match the requirements of the company.

1) Clinical Data Coordinator – CDCs are expected to make sure that the data is collected properly, ensuring that all legal and/or ethical standards are met, especially for data that involves a patient’s personal information. The coordinator works primarily with electronic databases and uses complex software systems to maintain and organize data.

2) Clinical Data Validation – The role of the Clinical Data Validation Expert is to prepare data analysis listings and activity, performance, or progress reports; process and analyze clinical data including receipt, entry, verification, or filing of information using appropriate statistical tools.

3) Clinical Data Entry Operator – A clinical data entry operator is responsible for collecting and precisely sorting and recording information about patients’ medical histories and clinical trials in computerized form.

4) Clinical Database Programmer – Responsible for data programming, data review and data cleaning, Case Report Form (CRF) review, edit checks, data validation, study start up, conduct and close out.

5) SAS Programmer – A SAS Programmer is responsible for providing clinical programming expertise and hands on support to clinical projects across multiple therapeutic areas providing strong technical programming support to data management and contributing to activities in validation.


All the details would not be of relevance if there are no jobs available in the market. Hence, let’s look at some of the job openings currently in the market.

If we look at the Indian job market and take a cue from one of the top job sites-, we will find that there are over 1,000 jobs under clinical data management across India of which almost 20% are openings for fresher with the required skill sets. From a US job market perspective, there are thousands of jobs both under full time and part time with almost 30% for fresher.

Many such details are also mentioned in the career playbook of MMS University (link here) which provides the skills training enabling a career in Clinical Data Management. The details of the training are designed in accordance with the experienced industry professionals maintaining a global standard. MMSU is being considered the prime choice for aspirants to learn clinical data management and clinical programming skills across the world. The online certification program in Clinical programming will empower you to make career choice for a sustainable future amongst the shaky job market currently.


Finishing from where we started the discussion on careers in clinical data management and clinical programming, we can very well place our belief in the industry growth curve and the job opportunities it provides at a global level. The obvious next step for the graduates in technological or statistical field with a flare in handling data is to upgrade the skills levels and cherish an edge in the career pursuit.
MMS University can help candidates make the right choices in the the Clinical Research Industry. Any comments or questions can be sent to and we will try our best to provide the right solutions for your career.